Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rising from Stupa!!!

 Since, today was full moon, i went to shoot around the Stupa in the morning. There was many people doing ``Kora```means round in Tibetian language. During the New moon and full moon, there are other differently able (esp Blind,  disable) people also visit Stupa to have some money from the kind Buddhist who offers them to their best health and support.

This picture was taken inside the Stupa, there are many wooden board where different age group of people perform ``Chhyak`` offering oneself mentally and physically by sliding on that board for more than 108 times a day. Its a kind of great exercise to the mind and body with the spiritual benefits where one is fully focused on one thing.
A women having breakfast before she starts it, where as others are continuing to do which need strong mind and body to perform ``Chhyak`` and wishes happiness to all being on earth.
Since, there was ``Temal Jatra`` in Boudha yesterday where esp, Tamang people offers Kora to Stupa and Dohari (singing competition) whole night over there. So temporary roof of that program is being shot as a frame to the fotos.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Golden hour !!!

While capturing the moments in frame, its very important to take pictures during the Golden hour, which allows you to get warmness of Sun in fotos, soft colors and  if you click on the right time, it will become one of the art work.
Here, women is touching the feet of statue as she is wishing something deep inside her heart, where as the shadow of men makes it more interesting. Someone is always watching you directly or indirectly towards your action.
Having faith in self and god, it make you choose the right path, perform right action and maintain peace of mind in every situation.
Having a clear vision an mind is important to perform any activities, man in picture is praying with focused mind where as the girl in the picture seem confuse like what´s going on? Either she don´t like smell of incense burning or she mayn´t be happy with the self.

I like the morning after the heavy rain, it just clears up polluted air and we can feel the freshness of the environment around us. Since, its landscape, i try to capture some layers, and many colors in it.
We worship the god in temple everyday but we forget to think about its surrounding which is shown by reflection. So self reflection in our action is important subject to think about. We only do the things which we like it, and ignores the rest we dn´t like. I think we should change that mindset.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Essential exercise

Helo, these days, i travel most of the places with the lens so today, m sharing some moments taken in the morning time in KTm recently, i took this pic in the ground of Gokarneshwer temple where Sun was just rising. There was some Puja for a week here, whose Bamboos are shooting as a frame to rising Sun and walking man.

Busy city life schedule  has made us lack of time for exercise which in long run can bring serious health issue, bitter truth is we have time to check every updates but we miss to observe our own health, so its better if we got some hours for ourselves, to stay fit and healthy. In Ktm, we also dn´t have open space to run, fresh air to breathe, nor we have organic food to eat and follow healthy diet plan, so i think its very necessary to be healthy mentally and physically so that we can perform any task easily. Stay healthy and happy !!!

Change takes time, its very easy to gain weight where as just opposite to lose them, so if we keep consistency, self motivated, and be optimistic about ourselves, we can definately achieve our goal. Mind and body are so attached to each other, one affect other directly, so keeping the balance between them is needed. Health is wealth, keep on observing them...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Observing around...

This photo was taken in Zoo on mar 19, when i had workshop from 3-7pm. There was group of little students who were with teacher on day tour to Zoo. They were very excited to see different animals there. When her friends where looking at Hippo, she was watching the 2 rhinos on the left hand side. I don´t know how she gain knowledge of what rhino looks like? How she explain what she saw in zoo to her parents, i think she is too small to analyze those things.

Selfie guys: These days people are more aware of taking good selfies anywhere they visit, i dn´t know why do they want to share their own face so many times. Although i like to shoot at others but m not a good at taking my own pics. If i would take pic of new places i visit it would be more about that place, landscape, people, and what esp about that place. Well, i like this pics of two guy taking selfie while at the same time there is bird flying which we can see clearly on that lake. say cheese....

We are occupy by the virtual world most of time, either in bus, or in bus station. These days human are more attached to technology than human themselves. We care more about whats going in our friends updates and what they are doing? i wish the technology has also e-motions so that we can share how we feel by looking others status, picture...

Chilling @ luv danda... ;-)

Sunset from Luv Danda !!! People often comes to enjoy the chilly wind in this hill and  new couples who want to spend time in silence. Due to that reason it is named as Luv Danda by my new friend Monica. People are always fond of taking selfie wherever they go !!!

When i was enjoying cool wind there, saw a boy who was playing with toy but he was very shy to get his photo, so he was running too fast, but after shooting 3 pics, found it nice with city on background. You may wonder how he reach on top of Luv danda in young age, actually his mom has small Chatpatey shop on that hill. She told me, she sales from 3-7 since its very hot in a mid day. Hope he enjoy growing up... <3
On 27 mar, 2018 i went to shoot in the evening around so called Luv Danda, where i met these two ladies, who came to enjoy cool wind in that danda. I like this picture of them where they are looking to concrete city, where we lack fresh air, pure water and green environment. People often comes to this place either in morning walk or evening talk. It was very cool wind which made us forgot hotness of midday. Worth going there :-)

She is Monica, my new friend who loves to take many pictures so that she can upload in fb or viber. There was dim sunlight, so they cudn´t get good picture in their mobile, but when i shoot through cam, i found it was good, which they luved it. I took many fotos of her with different pose and deal to send her by that evening.
She was applying abroad soon, hope she get her dream com true. Although there is always something going on in (high level) politics, but we have hope for peace, harmony and close bonding between each Nepali.
Nice to meet you Monica and friend!!!

Bhaktapur diary

When i was coming from Suryabinayak  to Bhaktapur, i saw an middle age man swiping his workplace after he opens the shutter. I like the picture of him where  light was  entering his shop, and it shows similar color combination.

 On mar 25, 2018 i choose to explore Bhaktapur area. I find it challenging to shoot the portrait since your subject are constantly moving and changing their expression. When i was about to reach Nyatapol, i saw man viewing the restaurant and Temple. It was very hot summer day, i think he was sitting in the shade and watching the activities of the tourist in the restaurant. That restaurant lies in the center so its quite busy place. He must be wandering where the tourist come from? Why do they like to visit Nepal? Why do they look so happy in that hot day and so matter what its nice viewpoint to see travelers activities...

Everybody is discussing something, except the man in center where he look directly to the camera, may be he saw me trying to picture of them. Since they are sitting near wooden chariot, they must be carpenter resting for some moment in their break.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Visit to Monkey temple

On Mar 26, 2018  I went to Swayambhunath to shoot outdoor, where i found an old tibetian man was painting the statue of Buddha. "Peace comes from within", he was working very patiently, mindfully and slowly, i think he painted it for himself  Its always good to work alone the work you love most, you never know when time flies and none can distract you when your focus is  fully on one subject. Great job Pala.
Have you ever seen a monkey with chatpatey? Well this is first time for me to see it, i was suprise to know  even they love to eat it like a human does. She must have been grab it from some people travelling  here :-( I was doing a Kora from ground when i saw it, laughed for a moment and took lot of pics there, hope she enjoyed having it in hot summer day.

This pic i took on the top of Swayambhu where two of them were siting in the edge of frame with many stone chorten in between.  Actually, left person was a shopkeeper sitting in the Sun when there wasn't customer, where as right guy was posing to his friend who is n't in frame. But when i get two of them in my frame, it looked good and feels like both of them are thinking deeply about some thing.

starting blog ...

Helo, namaste!!!
 Actually i dn´t know how to write a blog but m trying to create one. You never know something if you dn´t ever try by yrself.  This is picture which i took in Sankhu, Nepal recently. I m learning to use the Lumix in a right way, which i was unknown before. Its been really interesting journey to travel with you my dear. I have learn to see things or World from different perspective. Like earlier i used to see things only through 90 degree angle (looking from myside how it is), but now i see things from up-down, side-byside, so m very thankful to lens and my tutor who have change me and my way of looking World. Thank you :-) Talking about the picture, its a tree which was on ground of monastery. Its a Bogate bud which is ready to get out soon :D. well i capture it when i was sitting just below its tree, its nice place with shades of its tree. Its fruits are eaten with mixing salt, chilli, in a hot summer day, and also juice can be made too.
 Talking about second picture, i try to show the relationship between human and nature around us. Its very rare to KTM people to get fresh air in the city. We are always suffering from some disease cause by air pollution and people are  compel to cover their nose with MASK all the time. Here she is free without a Mask, breathing fresh air which is necessary to every human.

Being gray !