Tuesday, March 27, 2018

starting blog ...

Helo, namaste!!!
 Actually i dn´t know how to write a blog but m trying to create one. You never know something if you dn´t ever try by yrself.  This is picture which i took in Sankhu, Nepal recently. I m learning to use the Lumix in a right way, which i was unknown before. Its been really interesting journey to travel with you my dear. I have learn to see things or World from different perspective. Like earlier i used to see things only through 90 degree angle (looking from myside how it is), but now i see things from up-down, side-byside, so m very thankful to lens and my tutor who have change me and my way of looking World. Thank you :-) Talking about the picture, its a tree which was on ground of monastery. Its a Bogate bud which is ready to get out soon :D. well i capture it when i was sitting just below its tree, its nice place with shades of its tree. Its fruits are eaten with mixing salt, chilli, in a hot summer day, and also juice can be made too.
 Talking about second picture, i try to show the relationship between human and nature around us. Its very rare to KTM people to get fresh air in the city. We are always suffering from some disease cause by air pollution and people are  compel to cover their nose with MASK all the time. Here she is free without a Mask, breathing fresh air which is necessary to every human.


  1. Nice one dear...keep on exploring and posting :)

    1. thank you, sure if i find something interesting !!*


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