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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Destination Thorung Lha.  

Tuesday, 29 Oct, 2013
 Day 1 

I couldn't sleep well last night because of curiosity about next trip to western part of Nepal. So i wake up early and get ready to leave. Then we meet Ngima Brother near Boudhanath and head towards the Summit Hotel where our guest were waiting us. The Jip was "four wheel drive", which is made especially  for rough/off roads. We had introduction with two Norwegian (Johnny & Kaare)  and started our journey from the Summit Hotel at 7:25am. 

Since it was festival time ("Tihar" also known as festival of lights), there was less traffic jam and easy to leave the kathmandu valley. After 2hrs drive, we had a tea break at Kurintar and again continue to drive along with the beautiful "Trishuli River" on the right hand side. I think Nepal is a beautiful country excluding the kathmandu valley (over populated). We passed lots of heavy trucks and gasoline tanks on the way, because this was only a roads which connects India and Nepal. So if this road is closed, people in kathmandu will starve soon. We took right turn  in the 3 subway,(Muglin, Dumre) where other roads were heading for India, Chitwan and Pokhara. On the way, we saw beautiful rice field in the lowland. Aftr 3.5 hrs drive, we reached Besisahar (gateway to Manang-Mustang), and had a lunch Nepali "Daal Bhat". Now it comes here BUMPY roads, it took us about 3hrs to reach "Syange".

Kaare was sitting on the right hand side, (near window) so he was little bit afraid to see down to river because road was only enough for one vehicle, if drivers does any mistake while driving, we will be direct in the river Oh NO!! :-(.  Today we saw wild monkeys, wolf and 3 kayakar on the way. Jip left us until Syange, then we start our real trekking. I think it was just a "warm up" to our legs to be fit. After an hour we reached "Jagat" which was 1400m high. We stayed at "Peaceful Hotel"and meet a French people who were returning from "Larkey Pass". After a dinner we used WI-FI service, which was quite surprise for us. Temba uploaded some recent pictures in fb, Johnny & Kaare        (J & K) were reading online news and weather forecast for next day. Eventhough jip was comfortable, we were tired by rough roads so, we went to bed at 8.35pm and it was good to have electricity for 24hrs in hotel due to hydropower. Gudnite. (^_-)SSssss.....

Wednesday, 30 Oct, 2013
Day 2:

From today, our real trekking will start. So, got up early at 6.5 am and after breakfast we began around 7.35 am. We fallowed the newly opened road ways for 4 hrs until the lunch place. Even though it was wide road to walk, but our feet was paining by walking a lot on rough roads. On the way, we saw two beautiful waterfall which made us quite REFRESH & COOL.

Since, we were in the lowland around 1600m so we didn't saw any mountain views today, only ROCKS & sound of MARSYANDGI river. It was so STRANGE to walk between tall rocky hills. We saw a village "Taal" means Lake. In the monsoon the river becomes wider and forms a lake there. There was a board which says" YOU ARE WELCOME TO MANANG ". We had a lunch at "Potala Hotel" which was nice place to stay with garden. 

After the lunch, we crossed the river and fallowed the old trail. On the river bank, Temba showed us the Mariyona plant, so we took picture of it. The old trail was not easy to walk, there was no railing to catch, and it was scary to walk until we fallowed new road way. The new road was constructed by the military and it was written that 5 military lost their life during construction.  The ROCKY HILLS was scary to walk, but we saw lots of small MUSTANG JIP passing by the same way. After 4 hrs walk we reached "Dharapani (1885m) means Heavy rain". Our hotel was full with lots of tourist.We (Kaare, Ngima & me ) played "Yatzy " that evening. There was light rainfall, i hope to see the SUNNY day ahead tomorrow with good mountain views.                                             Gudnite (O_-) ZZzz....

Thursday, 31st Oct, 2013
Day 3:

Same as last night, i couldn't sleep well. So, after having breakfast on the regular time, we conitnued our trekking. After an hour walk along with road track, we reached Bagarchap, enty/exit  point for the another pass "Larkey Pass (5500m). There was old high school and the monastery on the other side. Then we were surrounded by the pine forest with some mountain view Manaslu on the back side. After hour, we passed Dhanaque, where one hotel was completely burn down. We heard it was burn due to gas explosion. Then when we crossed another wooden bridge, there it comes a tough climb for another hour till the Temang. Ngima was always first even with carrying around 15-20 kg, and we three were in the middle and Temba was in the last due to his over weight body. We had a tea break at the Temang with some mountain views and warm sunshine. 

After 2 hrs we arrived lunch place "Thanchowk" where we had a local mushroom which taste great. We stayed around 1 hrs and we saw old village with wooden roof.Then we  continue our walking towards Koto for 1.5 hrs which was  another tourist check post. Koto was GATEWAY to Upper Mustang. After having short break, we head towards Chame, which was VDC of the Manang District. It was a big village with plenty of lodges and hotel. Due to tourist season, most of the hotel were almost full, so we stayed at the Shangrilla hotel which was quite warm. After dinner, we played "Yatzy". And i taught them a new Swedish game "Diamond Seven" and we played until 8 pm. That night, Kaare lose 3 times so he wasn't happy at all, and its opposite with Johnny. He won most of the game. Gudnite (-_-) XXxxx......

Friday, 1st Nov,2013
Day 4:

My days were going very good and it was just opposite with my NIGHTS. Due to high altitude, I couldn’t sleep well in all places. So, when I woke up and went outside, I saw a beautiful mountains. One was Mt. Manaslu and another was Lamjung, it was great to see them with the naked eyes.  OMG it looks amazing. After breakfast, we move forward to Upper Pisang(3300m). We passed a beautiful Buddhist stupa on the way towards Brathang,(2 hrs walk) where apple farming was done in the large amount. There we meet lots of tourist who were tasting the local apple and it cost Rs 10 per one. So, we bought some more to eat on the way. Now it was again climbing up but not as the Temang tough climb. It was easy climb, with pine forest shade while walking. After 45mins walk, I reached Dukur pokhari, lunch place and search a good place to have lunch. And other members arrive after 30mins, and Johnny like the lunch place with Mountain views and sunshine.

Now the way was not so hard, it was broad way not too much to climb, so we walked slowly. But Kaare had a stomach problem on the way. So I went in front to book room and found Hotel Kailash which was quite nice and new hotel. But there was no other guest, so I thought J&K won’t like it and returned back. I meet Ngima brother on the way where, he was also searching rooms but he didn’t got the good rooms so, he finally found the same Kailash hotel. So when we showed the rooms to J&K, they liked it lot with good mountain view in front. So after a tea break, J&K went to see the Monastery, but I took a bucket full hot shower, which was quite good. After they return, they had also shower with bucket full water. J&K told it was their new experiences. I think it was very strange for them to have shower like that.

We had a PERFECT mountain view from our dining. So we had a GINGER TEA, and played “Diamond Seven” and I taught them new game “ Dumble” which was quite interesting to play. Our hotel runner was a Tamang from Lamjung, who was very funny guy. He used to sing a lot while cooking a meal. After dinner, it was getting more colder, so went to bed with some hot water to be WARM INSIDE. Gudnite (O_O) ZZhhh…


Saturday, 2nd Nov, 2013
Day 5:

Since we were staying in the Upper Pisang, four of us, except Temba fallow the long way by crossing Gharu and Ngawal, and Temba will fallow lower Pisang to book the hotel and of course it was short ones. So we left hotel around 7.45 and walk an hour straight old trail and saw a Old Mani walls, we took a rest for a minutes. We saw Gharu from there, it was tough climb may be an hour to reach top. So, after crossing another suspension bridge, we head towards Gharu for better mountain view and of course acclimatize. We had a tea break at 3700m and took some pictures of Mt Gangapurna 7454m. Then we continue  to walk for 2.5hrrs towards Ngawal for the lunch break. It was very windy while passing the highest point 3770m near Gharu. So we try to walk slowly.Now, it was descending down the hills, so it was difficult for me to meet other member.

 We arrived at Ngawal, which was quite warm place and had lunch break. Since Manang was in altitude of 3540m, we he had to Descend Descend descend down. But as before i was always left behind bye them because i couldn't walk down the hills. Finally after 2.5 hrs we reached Brakha, where we  saw Yak was being killed for the meat OMG (!_!)....Then after 30 minutes walk on the broad road track, we saw a gate which says, "WELCOME TO MANANG'. 

There was another check post and we receive message from a lady in check post to go to Gangapurna Hotel by Temba. So, we meet him there and went to refresh. Well, Manang was very beautiful place with Super Mountain views and lots of tourist hanging around and plenty of shops for shopping trekking materials. I heard that hotel was one of the oldest hotel. Temba tolds us that it was very hard to get rooms in Manang (lot of Tourists), luckily we got rooms thank god!! At evening the dinning hall was getting warm with fireside and lot of tourist. We continue to play Dumble and J&K were playing quite nice in that game. We had had lot of tea due to cold temperature and went to bed with hot water bottle. Gudnite (Z_Z)Sss....(Pics taken at Gharu with Mt Gangapurna7454m).

Sunday, 3rd Nov, 2013
Day 6: (REST DAY in Manang)

                                                                                                                    (source: internet)
Evethough wake up time was late that morning, i couldn't sleep well due to altitude problem, so  i wake up around 6 am and went to hang around to the nearest viewpoint (10 minutes) to the hills. I enjoyed the morning sunrise and took lots of picture with Mt. Gangapurna. I saw beautiful Gangapurna Glacier lake on the other side, since, it look near so i decided to go later in day time.  Since there was none up there, i had to take self image with mountain view. Manang was beautiful valley surrounded by the Breathtaking Himalayas Range. There was lots of old fashioned houses and new lodges and shops. It was so peaceful place with Super mountain views, it was just AMAZING, feeling to be there. I returned to hotel after around 8.30 and had tea. Water was just little warm but i decided to take shower. J&K went to acclimatize to the next hills and went to bakery cafe for the lunch. We had a lunch in the Hotel which was delicious "Spagetti". After lunch i went to the roof top for the sunbath, it was just great, no wind untill 12pm. Then later J&K came to the hotel and we had a tea together. We were interested  to play the Dumble again & again so, we played in the Dining room, it was so warm inside. That day, i won most of the game while playing. J&K went to shower too, well it was not so hot shower at all. Then we went to attend the lecture at 3 pm sharp about acclimatization and acute mountain sickness. There was lots of tourist attending the lecture by the French lady and she suggest us to ascend only 500m per day to acclimatize with altitude. It was very good to have a rest day in the Manang so that our body can accliatize with high altitude. If we will have any problem, then we should descend down. After dinner at 6.30pm again played cards with some other Nepali and went to bed at 7.45pm with water.gudnite (*_*) ZZzzz......,....Manang valley 3540m with Mt.Ganapurna 7454m and its lake.

Monday, 4th Nov, 2013
Day 7:

We had a breakfast in the same time and continued our trek around 7.40 am. Ngima brother went earlier than us to "BOOKED" room due to tourist season time (Oct-Nov). It was quite easy walk as compare to other days because we were in height of 3540m already and 500m per day to climb forward. The vegetation was changing slowly with altitude, there was small Juniper bushes instead of Pine trees in the lowland. We saw a way to go  Tilicho Lake (trekking route)on the way. To continued our journey, we walked SLOWLY SLOWLY, took lots of picture and had a tea break at the rooftop of teashop. The views from the rooftop was just FANTASTIC, everyone was busy to take good mountain view.

 The sunshine was just relaxing and help to dry our backside. Ngima brother came to receive us on the half way, so he carried two bags and we fallowed him. After 5hrs walk, we reached Yak Kharka (4000m) at 12.15 pm and had GINGER TEA.  There was only a few hotel in the Yak Kharka (4-5hotel), so, most of them were already full with tourist. Our hotel was quite OLD one but it was also full with 35 foreigners plus 25 Nepali porters & guide. We had no options rather than ACCEPTING the situation. After lunch, i was feeling little tired, so i lied down on the backside of the hotel. It was very good place for RELAXING, a dry grass with PERFECT mountain views on the right side. We saw some BLUE SHEEP  group in the hills, which were chased by EAGLES. Eagles were looking for the best opportunity to pick the small one, but they were united during ATTACK. Johnny took many pictures of Eagles, when it fly very low.   

Since, it was a festival time, porter's were playing: CARDS, COINS, RING & FOOTBALL for the fun and to keep themselves warm. The sun set earlier as compare to the Manang, so it was cold after 3.15 pm so, we stayed inside Dining Hall where the fire was burn to warm the rooms. We played "Dumble" again for many rounds and it was quite interesting to play with many peoples. As many peoples were living inside Dining room, it was very warm inside, but when we open the door and exit out, it was freezing cold UUuhhhhh.......:-( There was another big group in our hotel, from Canada, most of them looks RETIRED. They were watching the recorded movie from the same trek on the laptop. After having dinner, went to bed with warm water to keep myself WARM. Gudnite (@_@) Sshhhhh.

Tuesday, 5Nov, 2013

Day 8:

It was cold room so I got up early at 5.30 am and went to kitchen to have hot water. Then we had a tea and breakfast. That morning Kaare waked up earlier than Johnny so, he closed the door from ouside, and came to dining hall for the breakfast. Then around 7.30 am Temba send Ngima to call Johnny for breakfast; but he was LOCKED for 15 minutes. Even though he was very ANGRY at that time, we four of us felt laugh..                                                               JJJJ. It was one of the memorable incidents of the trek. So, we resume our trek at 7.55 am. Like yesterday, Ngima brother went earlier than us to Thorang Phedi. We just walk slowly slowly with taking short tea break (Ledthar4250m) and good snapshot. Today there was very less plant and way was difficult to walk due to YEARLY LANDSLIDE, until we cross the wooden bridge. Same as yesterday, we reach camp Thorung Phedi (4615m) in the Lunch time around 12.15 pm.

There was only two hotel in the Thorung Phedi with the capacity of 300 guest. There is a one hotel in the High camp ( 1 hrs walk) from Thorung Phedi at 4800m. But we decided to stay down without taking risk for that NIGHT. Since, Thorung phedi was in between the rocky hills, we didn’t saw great views from there. I felt slight headache after lunch, so I took some pill and sunbath inside the Dining room. It was so warm inside but it was very windy outside so, porters  were playing cards.  Around 4 pm, we again start to play “Diamond seven & Dumble”. J&K learn the game quickly and they were becoming  champion to play both game. There was one worker in hotel, who was DUMB. His duty was to transport WATER for every purpose. But he was fond of playing card game so, in the evening we played with him too. Even though, he can’t speak, he was quite clever and nice person. After Dinner at, J&K directly went to bed because we have to get up early next day at 3 am. We had dinner at 8.30 and went to bed at 9pm. It was warmer place to sleep than in the last camp. Gudnite.(Q_Q)XXXx

Wednesday, 6 Nov, 2013
Day 9 (Pass Day)

Woke up at 2 am and packed my stuff on the bag. Everyone in the hotel wake up so, it doesn’t feel weird. Then we had a tea and breakfast at 3.30 and we were the first group to leave hotel at 4 am. We ware everything that was carried from Kathmandu to keep ourselves warm so, I think our bag was lighter than other day. It was a tough climb up until High camp (4850) and took us 45minutes only in the morning. It was quite big hotel in the High camp with the capacity of 300 guests. All the people were getting ready, when we reach there. Then the way was not so hard, but there was ice on the way. We crossed one teashop on the way, since, Johnny was feeling cold, he didn’t want to stop. Johnny was always heading in the front and Kaare had a breathing problem, so he couldn’t walk well. And Temba was left behind us. Due to freezing cold, our battery was down quickly.  We thought, it would take us about 4 hrs to reach the top, but we arrive by 3 hrs at around 7.05 am. It was just SUPER views there, we were surrounded by the snow caped mountain, and it looks AMAZING. We were the FIRST to reach the PASS (5416m) so, we were very HAPPYJJJJJ. Then we had a SNIKER treat on the top, but due to cold I couldn’t eat all there. There was small tea shop on the top, which was not opened. So, we took lots of picture on the group.

 Temba and Ngima kept Budhhist Prayer Flag. After 15minutes, we start to descend down towards MUSTANG. OMG, it was another SUPER VIEW of Mt Dhaulagiri range with dry land. Then the tough part comes again to DESCEND DOWN. Since, I can’t walk down quickly, I was left behind everyone so, I came very SLOWLY SLOWLY with the help of STICK. It was too steep hills downward, OMG I can’t imagine climbing that upwards. After 2 hrs walk we had tea break, where I took some pain killer. It was still an hour left to reach Muktinath for the lunch break. My feet was shivering so, I try to walk slowly.

We arrive Mukinath (3800m)11.30am  and went to the Temple, where Temba collected the water from 108 stone tapes. We saw a Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri range, it was nice view. After lunch, we went to Jomsom for another 2 hrs jip ride along with the Kali Gandaki river on the right side. The jip was small but it carries 12 person with back pack. So, our trekking was almost over from Muktinath. It was very windy in the Jomsom.(2710m) We descend down from (5416m to 2710m) almost 2700m down, OMG we were REALLY tired that day. We stayed at the Hotel Majesty near airport, which was quite nice place to stay. We had a hot shower from a Geiger, which made us REFRESH AGAIN. So, that was the last night of our trek. After Dinner we had a conversation about Nepal…..and so  on and lastly (Ngima & I )  we said goodbye to J&K, because we were leaving by bus early in the morning. Gudnite (^_^)ZZhhh…..

Thursday, 7Nov, 2013
Day 10 ( Worst Bus ride)

Woke up early and catch the bus to the Ghasa. It was full of the tourist heading towards Tatopani (Hot spring). We had a breakfast after a 1.5 hrs in the Tukuche. Saw the Marpha ( Famous place for apple farming) on the way. It took us 3 hrs to reached Ghasa where we need to change the another bus upto Beni. Since there was a Syndicate system, we couldn’t go in the same bus till Beni. The road was very small, and BUMPY ROADS. And the  driver plays Nepali folk song in the FULL VOLUME, which I never heard before. It was just IRRITATING, just repeating same kind of song again and again. There were lots of Nepalese returning to POKHARA after festival and they were making lots of noise OMG….So, I had to close my ears time and again with some napkin papers. On the way, I saw beautiful waterfall and Mt. Dhaulagiri range and Annapurna. So I took lot of picture. When I was going to take picture, I had collided my head very badly on the window. It hurt a lot. L

                                    (Mt. Dhaulagiri range:  taken on the way back to Beni.)

We had a lunch in the Tatopani(1190m). And finally arrived Beni (830m) at 3.25 pm which feels better. Beni was the VDC for the Myadgi District where I meet my friend and her sister. So, we had a tea and some snacks and we left Beni at 6 pm in the night bus. Today, we descend down from (2710m to 830m) almost 1880m. So it feels hot now, but we were still wearing  JACKET. J

 It night bus was quite comfortable with other known porter whom we meet on the way. It was again same problem with LOUD MUSIC, which I had never heard before, I had no options rather than closing my own EARS. It was great to be in the Himalayas with less people around & very close to the NATURE. I MISS THAT. L.  I wake up frequently on the way because our driver was not driving well.  We had break in 2 places where local people were still celebrating TIHAR festival in the night time (Dancing & singing). And finally, we arrived in kathmandu at 4 am. After having tea in the buspark,  we head towards Boudhanath and reach home at 6 am. Since there was none, I had to clean everything plus washed clothes from trekking. After having shower I had a lunch at 1 pm. Since, I was in hang by last night sleep and BUMPY roads, I was totally EXHAUSTED L……I NEED REST,  only REST.

                      It was GREAT trekking in the MANANG-MUSTANG region, with Breathtaking mountain views. Especial thanks to everyone who contributed on this trek.    I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 days diary, and if there is any mistake, feel free to correct my writing. 

                            Naturally Nepal. (Once isn't enough).  

Take nothing, but PICTURES, 
Leave nothing, but FOOTPRINTS....    THANKING  YOU    J  

Joy of growing up